"We have travelled in Peru twice now with Tito and his team from BRP. They have shown us Lima (on bikes), walking in Cusco and the mountains of Machu Picchu, Arequipa to Cotahousi canyon by motorbike, the Nazca lines by aircraft, dune buggies at Ica and the Peruvian Amazon. All of this was managed for us by BRP and we not only had great adventures but saw some of the real Peru. Tito and his team could not have been more professional and friendly and we laughed a lot. We would highly recommend BRP to anyone that is looking at a personalized adventure in Peru.
We are happy for you to use our pictures for your web site”

Philip Cook
Executive Engineering Manager Karrata,
Western Australia

“First I wanted to say, thank you for organizing such an amazing trip for us. It was an experience I will never forget. From the moment we landed in Lima we were extremely well taken care of and felt confident that we were in good hands. Our tour guides met us at the hotel before our trip to ensure that all of our questions were answered and we were well prepared for the four day hike ahead of us.
Though the weather was unfavorable for 3 of 4 days on our hike to Machu Picchu, hiking through torrential rain, snow and dense fog, we had absolutely no complaints on our journey. Our camp sites were always ready for us, our equipment was well maintained, the porters were extremely friendly, and our guides were informative and understanding of our range of hiking abilities as a group. On top of all of that, the one thing that we all agreed on, without a doubt, was that the quality of the food we received on the hike was out of this world and each meal was a unique Peruvian dish filled with flavor.
My favorite part of the hike was after dinner on our final night, all of the porters that had carried all of the supplies, set up our camps, cook our food, and serve us hot coca tea every morning came to introduce themselves to us and tell us a bit about their families. It was a heartwarming and personal experience and allowed us the opportunity to thank each porter individually for all they had done for us throughout the hike.

We arrived at Machu Picchu early on our fourth day of hiking and were given ample time to explore the entire site after our guided tour.

To finish off our trip we spent the rest of our days in Lima, exploring the city and filling our bellies with all the ceviche we could eat. In addition to our four day hike along the Inca trail we also were taken on a trip to ride dune buggies and go sand boarding on sand dunes in Huacachina, a truly surreal experience.
From the moment we landed in Peru to the moment we left, we were well taken care of and given the best accommodations, equipment, tour guides, food, and experiences possible. It is truly a trip that I will never forget and will highly recommend it to everyone that I know!”

Aadit Patel
Mechanical engineer
Stratford, CT