I’m a professional tour guide and naturalist with a passion for travel and a love to nature. My challenge is to show and share the wonders of my country with all people, so then they can spread the news about this magical place. The best compliment I may have, is you, talking about the wonders of Peru.
Even most of my time is spent leading tour groups or hiking in the Andes I’m also in charge of the conduction of BRP Travel, so I have a pretty accurate idea of what our client’s needs are and how improve them in our tours.
I started my profession at a very young age, working at the tourist development department at the Pachangara Municipality in Lima’s country side, a very modest town called Churín. I found my experience there, helping people to create a plan to improve tourist services, very rewarding.  We also focused on developing sustainable activities for the community, encouraged practice of sports and typical dances, gathered a football school for needed children. That’s some experience you cannot put a price on.

After some quiet few trips researching for the best destinations of Peru, I still travel, not only with tourist groups, but also with my family all along, which without their support, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all this.



Besides being a professional tour guide, I’m also in charge of the design and operation of BRP Travel trips, as well as managing the reservations and monitoring the satisfactory development of our trips.
Many years ago, I had the chance to move and work overseas and thanks to that experience, I got to see Peru from a different perspective. I learned how to be perseverant, among other things, asset that I turn into my everyday routine as helps me find strength and inspiration to show my country as truly unique destination.
We’re running through some exciting times these days as we’re on the verge of our first internationalization, looking forward to offer our products abroad and promote the Peru Experience to each and every one.
Perú is one of the most diverse countries of the planet and it has a diverse and rich history.  I feel proud and happy to design trips for everyone to see how amazing my country is. I have been travelling to many places, and now when planning a trip for a group, I try to turn that experience into our programs, feeling all enthusiastic again, looking for a dream to fulfill.
My motto is to discover the world any way we want, but we always understanding that it does not belong to us, on the contrary, we belong to it.