Established in 2012, BRP is 100% Peruvian tour operator by BESTRIDE PERU SAC and represented by Teresa Navarro and Augusto Zavala

“After many years backpacking through the country, gathering knowledge and experience, travelling on the coastal, highlands and jungle locations around Perú and South America, we found the passion and enthusiasm to show this amazing part of our planet. How do we do it? Providing outstanding experiences to people that enjoy travelling as much as we do and like to call the world their home. We are professionals and are aware of the importance one on one communication. We will guide and advice you to get the most of your trip. We take our role in the tourism industry very seriously. We acknowledge the impact that tourism has on the environment and local communities, this fact moves us to plan and operate all our tours with social responsibility and environmental consciousness. We believe that every tour operator must be responsible in the way they conduct their business to ensure the welfare of all people and the conservation of nature“.